Smartphone Photography

Nothing beats the quality of images captured with a professional DSLR. Sometimes the convenience of the camera that’s always in your pocket can’t be overlooked. Many modern smartphones have high quality cameras built in and with a few tips we can take images that may be good enough for our intended use. Check out this video on techniques and apps to improve your smartphone photography. 

Large Format Poster

“This Is Me” large format poster

Create graphics for a large format poster to be used in your This Is Me display.

The poster may be attached as a backdrop or may be suspended within the display.

Designs may include images, typography or even be pattern based.  All imagery must be your own however found imagery may be used for montaging and creating textures.

Resolution is an incredibly important consideration when designing for large format printing. Pixel based images must be a high enough resolution to not appear pixelated when viewed from the desired viewing distance.

Using vector graphics is a great way to avoid resolution issues.

Consider other ways to incorporate 2D graphics into your 3D display.

For example, including smaller 2D posters, cutout 2D shapes, wrapping 3D objects with 2D designs.

Dimensions of Bay: 700 x 845mm



  • A typographic solution
  • a pattern based design
  • a minimal approach
  • something symmetrical
  • something asymmetrical
  • Negative space
  • something static
  • something dynamic
  • something flat
  • something 3 dimensional
  • something with humour

See my Pinterest board with poster designs that use techniques achievable by all of you. 

Saving good quality, small filesize PDF’s

PDF (Portable Document Format) is the safest, most compatible way to share a document. A PDF will embed fonts and images and preserve pixel and vector information. A PDF can be high quality for professional printing or a small file for sharing via email or uploading to the web. Below are the instructions to save a PDF that is looks great but is has the smallest file size.

  1. Save your document
  2. Then, Save As a PFD. Click Save
  3. Set the Adobe PDF Preset to Smallest File Size. (Check to View PDF after Saving to automatically open the file in your PDF viewer)
  4. Under Compression change Image Quality to High

That’s it! Be sure to check the PDF after saving to make sure everything is looking good. Check the file size (Right Click of the file then Get Info on a Mac or Properties on a PC). Depending on your file you may find it  to be a few hundred KB (less that a MB!) Never email a file over 5MG. It may not make it to the recipient.